Weekend Hyperlink Love — Version 524


Analysis of the Week

The most plausible explanation for the decline in well-being amongst youth is elevated display screen time.

Small gifts lubricate business deals.

Lifting reduces muscle efficiency ( factor).

Canine intelligence is “not that exceptional.”

Uncooked meat and bone diets for canines actually work.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 280: Cornell Thomas: Host Elle Russ chats with Cornell Thomas, an professional in self-awareness.

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Fascinating Weblog Posts

Why fast bodily exercise boosts the mind.

Media, Schmedia

When do women first have kids these days?

He said the actual risk posed by processed meats was “very small” for the individual and more relevant on a population-wide level.”

The whole lot Else

The high cost of elite athletics.

A brand new non-invasive continuous glucose monitor.

Hormesis enters the nationwide debate over radiation publicity.

Danish sperm is highly prized.

Now I’m simply imagining a cat reading Camus.

Prepared for ground cherries?

Issues I’m As much as and In

Quote I can’t fathom: “‘At the moment with the proof [the totality of which has found that full-fat dairy is the healthiest kind] that we now have reviewed, we still believe that you need to attempt to restrict your saturated fats together with fats that that is coming from dairy merchandise,’ commented Jo Ann Carson, PhD, of UT Southwestern Medical Heart in Dallas and a spokesperson for the American Coronary heart Affiliation.”

Examine that everybody ought to ship to their dad and mom: “Elevated glycemia was the only cardiometabolic risk factor with constantly higher values among dementia cases up to 14 years before diagnosis.”

Perhaps it will change some habits: Dogs get depressed and anxious when owners use the phone too much.

Fascinating information: Australian guidelines soccer participant comes again from harm, credits Wim Hof breathing.

I’m satisfied this might make an enormous distinction in human well being if extensively applied: 30 squats for a free train ticket.

Recipe Nook

Time Capsule

One yr in the past (Sep 30 – Oct 6)

Remark of the Week

“OK, that did it. I’m going to purchase a flea and tick collar now, for whereas I’m out sprinting within the woods.”

– Please ship photos, Nocona. An alternative choice is to have a buddy use protecting gloves to use a dollop of FrontLine to the nape of your neck.

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