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What are the different ways you can use your food processor

There are such a lot of methods you are able to do together with your meals processor. You can also make scrumptious dishes resembling hummus, salad, nut butters, cookies, muffins, sorbet, smoothies, juices, thick soup, dips, juices, and lots of extra.

A meals processor is a multifunctional kitchen equipment that’s popularly used to organize meals. You should utilize it to cut, slice, puree and shred completely different sorts of meals. It’s designed with numerous blades to do these sort of meals preparation jobs.


Save time by shortly chopping onions, tomatoes, herbs, olives, nuts, greens utilizing your meals processor. Chopping is the primary perform of a meals processor. This kitchen equipment comes with a chopping blade or an S blade to deal with many of the meals preparation that may be carried out by a knife.

When the blender is turned on, the blade spins and meals is chopped into small items. You’ll be able to management the scale of the items with the heart beat button of a meals processor.


Do you know that you should utilize your meals processor to shred cheese or greens? You’ll be able to shred a whole block of cheese in couple of minutes to make your favourite dishes resembling lasagna or pizza.

Nearly all meals processors comes with a shredding disc that can be utilized to shred or grate different meals resembling potatoes, cabbages, carrots, simply to call a couple of.


Unbelievably, meals processors can be utilized to make smoothies, milk shakes and protein shakes. Blender and food processor combo resembling Oster blender meals processor comes with a blender to make your favourite frozen drinks.

The most effective blender and meals processor combo is not going to solely wok as a blender however will put together your meals shortly and effectively.

Kneading Dough

A meals processor can be utilized to knead dough. It comes with a dough blade that can extremely quick and totally knead dough for bread, muffins, cookies and even pizza. You should utilize a mixer for this however I favor a meals processor as a result of it ensures flour, and moist substances are blended evenly with nearly no effort.

You’ll find your processor with both a plastic or metallic dough blade. Many producers and cooks advocate a plastic dough blade however a metallic blade remains to be efficient in kneading dough although it creates rather more warmth.


Meals processors have been designed to slice, chop and shred. They arrive with a slicing blade that can slice meals because it drops. Meals to slice embody carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and different greens.

Making sauces, dips, salads, soups

Make wholesome dishes together with your meals processor. Hummus, dips comprised of scratch are scrumptious, and wholesome meals. Retailer purchased hummus, dips are over processed and never tasty sufficient as dwelling cooked.

You should utilize your meals processor to make contemporary pico, pesto, nut butter, mayonnaise, dips, hummus, soup, sauces, salad and lots of extra. It’s price noting that this kitchen equipment can be utilized to puree or break substances right down to liquids for simpler consumption or to be taken as a aspect dish.

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