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Magnesium is a complement that’s been not too long ago extraordinarily promoted in advertising. Each once in a while, new commercials are created, guaranteeing an ever better biorecision, bioavailability and absorption. As you recognize, nevertheless, advertisements should not at all times appropriate with the precise state of affairs and emphasize the optimistic options of the product, utterly silent about its imperfections. The largest variable between merchandise is the type of magnesium, between which the variations ought to be clearly marked.

Why magnesium?

The place did the entire growth that developed round magnesium come from? The very fact is that its shortages are fairly widespread in society, primarily attributable to ill-considered weight-reduction plan with a small quantity of greens, a considerable amount of coffee being consumed and the prevalence of low-mineralized water consumption. That is manifested mostly by common weak spot, nervousness, cramps, and motor hyperactivity (the most typical symptom is the so-called “flying eyelid”), though magnesium has many extra capabilities within the physique, together with regulating blood pressure, improves glucose metabolism; preliminary analysis additionally signifies the potential of rising train capability.

Demand depends upon the physiological situation and the actions carried out. Demand in Poland, in keeping with the Institute of Meals and Diet, ranges from 400 to 1200 mg. A wide variety of demand outcomes from many elements affecting its demand (gender, physiological situation, coaching, age). Nevertheless, the American FDA established advisable each day consumption on common 310-420mg.

Is each magnesium the identical?

The reply is easy. Magnesium is magnesium, it’s not potential to affect its construction as a way to enhance its useful properties.

So, does each producer promote the identical product?

Undoubtedly not.

The primary distinction is the shape through which the magnesium is within the product. Nobody makes use of pure magnesium filings, so to ship it, we have to use intermediates the place magnesium is current within the chemical mixture. And the kind of this connection and what’s hooked up to magnesium differentiates them. The primary rule is that magnesium in natural combos (mixed with natural acids), exhibits a a lot better assimilation than in inorganic connections.

Will we take magnesium, or x of magnesium?

A big distinction within the portioning of magnesium can be how the producer presents its amount on the label. Most frequently, extra strong producers current it within the type of “<kind> magnesium, together with x of Magnesium”. Sadly, extra usually we will meet with the identical inscription “<kind> magnesium”. Why? This can be a quite simple method to revaluate your product. Deserves are in the truth that not the entire magnesium compound is magnesium, so the producer demonstrating solely how a lot is the compound, and never how a lot magnesium is definitely obtained from this compound very simply overestimates your product, which is a straightforward advertising trick (this is because of easy chemical and mathematical affinities: the better the proportion of magnesium mass within the compound, the extra of it’s obtained from the compound).

When selecting magnesium, we should concentrate first to the assimilation of the shape, after which to how a lot actual magnesium we get from it.

What varieties of magnesium do you have to select?

Magnesium oxide

That is after all a mix of a magnesium molecule with an oxygen molecule. It’s the most cost effective and weakest kind within the context of magnesium supply effectivity. Its bioavailability is round four% (some research don’t even distinguish between the management and the take a look at group, which signifies poor efficacy, regardless of the massive mass share magnesium content material of 60%). Subsequently, it’s not your best option for supplementation.

Magnesium chelate (magnesium glycinate)

It’s a mix of two molecules of the amino acid – glycine, with magnesium within the chelate bond (additionally known as tick binding). Because of the particular construction of the compound, magnesium is protected in opposition to too speedy degradation within the abdomen, which permits for smaller losses of drugs that can finally be absorbed within the small gut. This impacts the better bioavailability of this type of compound (amounting to 24% in research).


Magnesium citrate

It’s a mix of citric acid with three molecules of magnesium. Thought of essentially the most environment friendly type of magnesium (each economically and qualitatively), it’s essentially the most steadily used kind. Its bioavailability reaches 25-30% (that is most certainly the results of higher solubility in water, via the natural mixture with the low-density acid).

Magnesium malate

That is one other type of magnesium, distinguished by an natural mixture with malic acid. Its bioavailability is estimated at round 30%. As well as, the malic acid fashioned within the metabolism might have a optimistic impact on the physique’s capabilities (impacts the assist of power manufacturing, which positively impacts motor and psychological health).



Magnesium carbonate

It’s magnesium in an inorganic mixture with carbonic acid. Hardly ever used and studied kind. And it’s not unusual, as within the bioavailability assessments it was even worse than magnesium oxide (most certainly attributable to very poor solubility).


Magnesium chloride

It’s a novel type of magnesium, attributable to the truth that it exhibits a reasonably excessive bioavailability (regardless of the inorganic mixture) similar to the natural types of magnesium. Not advisable for

individuals with susceptibility to reflux dysfunction (the chlorine a part of the compound, will increase the

acidity of the abdomen, which can adversely have an effect on the intensification of hostile discomforts related to it).


Magnesium sulphate

Magnesium sulphate is usually in contrast in high quality with magnesium chloride, nevertheless, it’s way more usually utilized in pharmacology and scientific circumstances (amongst others, it’s usually used to open the respiratory system). Nevertheless, it is a barely insufficient type of magnesium (within the research, bioavailability was discovered round 7%).

Magnesium taurate

This can be a pretty uncommon kind, nonetheless displaying fascinating properties, via synergistic motion on the circulatory system and glucose metabolism. The largest drawback could also be, nevertheless, low effectivity in magnesium provide (regardless of the natural mixture indicating excessive bioavailability, solely 9% of the mass of the compound is magnesium).



Magnesium lactate

Lactate has one of many highest bioavailability index amongst all types of magnesium out there in the marketplace. It’s additionally efficient in its supply, as nearly 12% of its mass is magnesium. It additionally has a decreased depth of unwanted side effects (primarily associated to gastric neurosis).

Magnesium threonate

That is essentially the most fascinating type of magnesium, discovered solely not too long ago in the marketplace. Mainly, it’s magnesium chelated by two molecules of threonate (a metabolite of vitamin C). In analysis, the threonate exhibits excellent bioavailability and the shortage of unwanted side effects related to gastric neurosis. Nevertheless, this isn’t the primary function due to which this type of magnesium is so sought-after not too long ago. Due to its chemical construction, it’s in a position to successfully cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby rising the focus of magnesium within the mind. Due to this, we get an elevated impact of supporting the nervous system, together with essentially the most cognitive abilities, and lowering the depth of hysteria.



Which magnesium do you have to select?

The steadily requested query is, which type of magnesium is the very best? The reply to this query isn’t unambiguous, and all of it depends upon what function we wish to use it for.

If you wish to use a kind that successfully delivers magnesium, essentially the most optimum alternative can be lactate, malate, citrate or glycinate, which all of them have superb bioavailability and are reasonably priced.

If we depend on extra advantages, aside from the precise replenishment of magnesium, the choice relies upon once more on what we anticipate. For instance, if we’re in search of a extra particular assist for the circulatory system, essentially the most fascinating kind can be taurate, but when we’re in search of assist of the nervous system and cognitive abilities, the very best kind would be the threonate.


Magnesium is among the most vital parts of our physique, so it’s value together with it in our common supplementation. The shape through which we settle for it’s extraordinarily vital when planning its dosage, and the withdrawal of extra advantages from supplementation with extra particular kinds. It’s value revising how a lot magnesium we actually want, how a lot magnesium we really get from a given complement and what we require from it to decide on the very best product for us.

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