Whose Guidelines are You Following?


These days I’ve been sleeping in till 9—a luxurious afforded to me since my 13 12 months outdated beginning biking to highschool . I’ve been sleeping for 10 hours an evening, due to hashish. I’ve been taking it gradual within the mornings, ingesting espresso and drawing, pulling Tarot playing cards, journaling, and stretching earlier than attending to work.

There’s no urgency. No rush.

These days I’ve been staying in my pajamas till I get modified for the fitness center at four:30 pm. I’ve been working from my mattress. I’ve been doing all of the issues “they” say to not do—the lazy, unproductive issues that “profitable” people ought to by no means do. I don’t have my shit collectively, at the very least not in the best way hustle tradition requires.

These days I’ve been saying no to only about each social invitation. I’ve been in a deep, prolonged Hermit section, my residence being my sanctuary. I’m not desirous about going out and I’m actually not feeling pressured or obligated to take action.

These days, I’ve been eschewing the final vestiges of different individuals’s guidelines, refusing to take anybody else’s poison. And I’m so fuckin’ completely happy. And rested. And wholesome. And artistic as hell.

It’s useful, once in a while, to look at whose guidelines we’ve chosen to observe. I’m selecting my very own—I hope you’re too.

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