Sure, Girls Are Utilizing Menstrual Cups to Get Pregnant


If you happen to’re a lady seeking to conceive, likelihood is you, you’ve got tried a whole lot of completely different methods to get pregnant. From charting to fertility screens to consuming sure meals to reducing out sure meals to that little legs-up-in-the-air trick, there are a whole lot of completely different theories and options floating round on the market about one of the simplest ways to get pregnant. 

However there’s one technique that you simply may not have heard about earlier than that a whole lot of girls are swearing by. What is the newest and biggest innovation in getting pregnant?

Menstrual cups.

Yup, you learn that proper.

Initially designed as an eco-friendly and extra handy manner of coping with your interval, menstrual cups at the moment are being flipped (actually) in an entire new manner. How does it work? Effectively, primarily, girls are having their companions ejaculate instantly into the menstrual cup after which inserting the menstrual cup into their vagina, near the cervix. Or, girls are having common intercourse after which inserting the menstrual cup into their vaginas instantly after. 

Though common intercourse will clearly get sperm into the vagina and close to the cervix, the benefit of utilizing a menstrual cup is that it primarily “blocks” the sperm from going wherever however up. The menstrual cup serves as a literal seal, blocking them in to attempt to improve their possibilities of attending to the goal of the egg. These sperm have nowhere else to go, muhahahaha! 

In keeping with an article in Parents, even fertility docs are seeing sufferers use the menstrual cup as a part of their trying-to-conceive technique and though nothing can assure being pregnant, the menstrual cup technique is a official technique that might assist improve the possibilities of conception. Just by decreasing the chance for sperm to leak out or swim round within the incorrect path (hey, nobody stated sperm have been tremendous sensible, proper?) and elevated the size of time that the sperm can be nearer to the cervix. Technically talking, sperm can often reside someplace between three and 5 days in a lady’s physique, however you most likely do not wish to go away a menstrual cup swimming in sperm in your physique for that lengthy both. As a substitute, you might comply with the menstrual cup’s suggestions for optimum utilization, which is often as much as 12 hours at a time.

If you happen to’re contemplating this, you’d probably get essentially the most profit from the cup proper after intercourse. After all, you will wish to take care and make it possible for your menstrual cup is being cleaned often and that you do not go away it in too lengthy and preserve look ahead to any problems; utilizing a menstrual cup too usually might put you in danger for an an infection or yeast an infection if it upsets the pH stability in your vagina. 

Some girls have reported that they’ve discovered the menstrual cup technique to be particularly efficient after having intercourse at evening, as a result of they’ll insert the cup after intercourse and sleep with the cup in all evening, then take away within the morning. They’ve a two-for-one, with no mess to scrub up afterwards and somewhat additional enhance for that sperm to remain put and do its job. And to additional improve their likelihood of conception, some girls are additionally utilizing different conceiving methods, similar to taking Mucinex to increase their cervical mucus to assist “catch” extra sperm or utilizing merchandise like pre-seed. 

If you happen to’ve by no means used a menstrual cup earlier than, be warned that it may be somewhat tough to get the dangle of at first and it would even take just a few completely different tries with completely different manufacturers earlier than you discover one which works on your particular physique. Not each match is identical and never each vagina is identical, so if one feels completely uncomfortable, take into account making an attempt a unique model or perhaps a completely different measurement. (Some cups are made for pre-children vaginas, when you get my drift.) 

In the long run, when you have a menstrual cup already and also you’re presently seeking to conceive or having hassle getting pregnant, utilizing a menstrual cup may simply be value a shot. Many ladies have sworn that utilizing a menstrual cup was a game-changer for them in lastly getting pregnant and if nothing else, it is a risk-free, low-cost method to attempt to improve your likelihood of being pregnant, so actually, what do you must lose? 

Would you select a menstrual cup for making an attempt to conceive? 

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